Gtalk False Ringing Indication

Has it happened to you that you are calling someone on Gtalk and callee is not picking up the call?

It is possible that your call was never connected and gtalk is sending you a false ringing indication. See the screenshot below. As you can see that my gtalk was not connected and despite of that it allowed me to make a call. Worst part is that it shows the call initialization in progress and also sends the false local ringing.


While in this case one can see that he (caller) is not connected and ringing is false, it may not become evident in the case in which other party (callee) is temporarily offline.

To reproduce, sign-in to gtalk, turn off your network (say Wi-Fi router) and try to call a contact who appears to be online.

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ManishApril 30th, 2010 at 10:45 am

I guess this happens due to the fact (atleast over WIFI) that the frequency with which contact information is pinged is not good enough….so, for synching the status of a contact just gone offline takes some time.
I believe this is the case with all mobile based services (over WiFI) which provideVOIP/ communication facilities

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